“Told in heartwrenchingly beautiful prose...
  brief but brilliant...this remarkable work
  is highly recommended.”
        —Library Journal (*starred review*)

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In this wonderful work of fiction, JOE HENRY explores the complex relationship between a father and his sons, whose deep connections to each other, to the land, and to the creatures that inhabit it give meaning to their lives.

Spencer Davis, his wife Elizabeth, and their sons Lonny, Whitney and Luke, work with horses and with their hands. They spend long relentless days cutting and putting up summer hay and then feeding it to their cattle through fierce Wyoming winters. As a family, they play their part in the endless cycle of life, bringing foals into the world and deciding when it’s time to let a favored mare pass on to the next. As Luke grows older, falls in love, and begins to assert his independence, Spencer strives to impart the wisdom of their way of life to his headstrong son, whatever the cost.

Moving, powerful and beautifully rendered, LIME CREEK brings readers into the lives of this unforgettable family and into a world that, though often harsh, is lit by flashes of spectacular grace.

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